Handmade Glass Gifts From Ancient Phoenicia

It can be hard to choose an appropriate gift for loved ones. Most likely, you spent many great years together with your mother, father, grandparents, relatives, friends, boyfriend or girlfriend and they already received all standard and typical gifts from you like: chocolate, jewelry, flowers, clothing (and socks...), parfume, toys or books. What else can you get them?

The list of possible gifts is always short and there aren't many original ideas out there.

However, there is something that you probably didn't consider as your first option, but it's still an amazing gift. It's nice and beautiful home decor items like blown glass, etc.

Ancient Phoenicia has a great collection of such handmade items!

Ancient Phoenicia is an official distributor of unique Palestinian craft made in 100+ years old Hebron Glass & Ceramics Factory.

You can read more about the tradition of Hebron Glass and the factory here:

We offer a wide variety of goods, here are just some examples:

This craft can be a beautiful part of your home decor and it's not only something nice-looking, these are fully usable and practical items. Sure, these items are made from glass and they should be handled carefully, but all of them can be used as any other similar modern item.

Here is why you should choose Ancient Phoenicia:

  • Hebron Glass & Ceramics Factory official distributor
  • Rich variety of goods
  • Reasonable prices
  • Regular sales and discounts
  • Free delivery in Canada
  • Full online customer support via Etsy
  • Returns and exchanges accepted

As a small business, we greatly appreciate any support on Etsy (likes, adding the shop to favorites, fair reviews) and elsewhere (sharing links to this website, etc.).

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