Green Swirl Narrow Neck Vase [ID:30]

This Green Swirl Narrow Neck Vase is formed from a single color of molten recycled glass and then additional layers are added with the swirl designs and colors that are unique and characteristic of the luminescent Hebron glass historically.

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Each piece is one-of-a-kind and every organic curve, color, and a swirl of this hand-blown Phoenician Pitcher Glass is a testament to artisan's time-tested artistry. When placed next to a window, the stained glass patterns will capture the light so you can enjoy the visual appeal of this artistic hand-made piece from across the room.

It's a unique item as gifts for a wedding couple, a house warming, to say thank you or love you, a holiday gift or just to share beauty with your friends whom you know would enjoy this hand-blown glass item from Hebron - Palestine.

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ITEM DETAILS: Height: 10.5 Inches; Width: 3.5 Inches; Depth: 4.3 Inches

Note: based on the lighting the photos were taken in, the photos could present a very slight difference in color and shine than that of the real piece.